Our triage system is designed to assess which help you need quickly and either book an appointment or direct you to the right service in a timely way.

Patient with long term illness will be contacted in the first instance by text message to book an appointment for an annual review. We hope to complete an annual review that will consider all health conditions so that you are not invited to the practice several times a year. If you do not respond to the SMS message we send, we will telephone or write to you to book an appointment. It is very important that you attend your annual reviews when invited as this helps the GPs/nurses monitor your health and identify and changes early on.

We offer appointments for babies at 8 weeks, this is with a GP and then a nurse for the first vaccinations. If you baby is unwell before they are 8 weeks contact the practice by the usual routes

All doctors and nurses are fully qualified to give family planning advice during normal appointment times. We provide services for the insertion and removal of the contraceptive implant, intrauterine devices (IUDs) or ‘copper coil’ and intrauterine systems (IUS – hormonal coil).

We do offer minor surgery, appointments for this service are booked after a consultation with our GP that has a special interest in dermatology. When requesting your appointment online please specify if you feel you need minor surgery, and an appointment will be made to assess whether it is required and if so an appointment will be scheduled.

To assist us to make a full assessment of the potential risks to your health from your planned travel, we would ask that you make a Travel Clinic appointment with our Practice Nurse. Ideally, this appointment should be made around the time of booking your holiday, at least 6 weeks before you travel.