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Data Sharing-  1st September 2021

NHS Digital is the national custodian for health and care data in England and has responsibility for standardising, collecting, analysing, publishing and sharing data and information from across the health and social care system, including general practice. NHS Digital collected patient data from general practices using a service called the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES), which has operated for over 10 years and now needs to be replaced. Your data may be used and stored differently. For more information please visit-


Coronavirus Symptom Checker

If you think you may have Coronavirus and would like to check your symptoms NHS 111 have a website that can help you do this please visit:

There is lots of information and advice online about home management and over the counter medications that can help you manage your symptoms. If you are unable to manage your symptoms at home please contact your GP Practice by telephone on 0203 370 1940.

Online Account Users

Patients with an online account have previously been able to book appointments online this is now no longer functioning. We have had to take this function of online accounts away as we are not booking face to face appointments currently. You can telephone us on 0203 370 1940 to book an appointment which will be by telephone – during this conversation with your GP they will make a decision on whether they need to bring you in – if they do they will plan this for you safely.

Advice for Parents during Covid 19

During this time, many people are anxious but it is very important that if your child becomes unwell that you access a healthcare professional. Attached is a guide for parents that will help you make the correct decision about which healthcare service you should access and when to do that. If you need to contact your GP Practice please telephone us we (0203 370 1940) will ask a GP to call you back. If the GP needs to see your child they will organise a time for you to come in. We are taking extra precautions at the Practice to keep our patients and staff safe. COVID19 Advice for parents poster 6.0

COVID-19 contingency sharing

Primary care staff across each borough will be able to access your full medical record without consent during the COVID-19 pandemic but will only do so when this is necessary to provide you with care. They will be required to use a smartcard which confirms their identity, and which limits their access and actions to those appropriate for their role. They will all have been trained to understand their professional and legal responsibilities in providing you with care.

Appointment Changes/Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak we will not be booking any face to face to appointments for the foreseeable future. This approach has been taken to safeguard our patients and staff. You can still access your GP by booking a telephone consultation instead of a face to face appointment; if your GP decides they need to invite you in they will do so. The situation is being monitored and we hope to resume to normal services as quickly as possible.


National Data Opt Out Service

The national data opt-out is a service that allows patients to opt out of their confidential patient information being used for research and planning purposes. Previously, a patient’s preferences were recorded by the GP practice. It is are no longer valid for GP practices to record a patient’s opt-out choice. For more information about how to opt out of sharing your data please see attached policy Data Opt Out Privacy notice March 2020 (2)